About Us

Display Lighting Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company incorporated in the year 2000.

With over 20 years’ experience in the lighting business, the Display Lighting team is able to provide the best LED Lighting solution required for your project. Our approach is to work closely with our customers to achieve a desired outcome.

Display Lighting is committed to offering our customers

  • Quality LED products
  • Extensive LED lighting product range
  • Best value for quality product
  • Friendly and quick/efficient service for design and product supply
  • Safe and electrically compliant products
  • Intelligent lighting control systems
  • Environmentally friendly products

We specialize in a range of environmentally friendly LED products 

  • LED Neon Flex
  • LED Strip Light
  • Aluminium LED Strip Light Profile
  • LED ECO range of Architectural and Commercial Light (led wall washers etc)
  • LED Power Supplies and control gear.
  • LED Sign Modules
  • LED Rope Light

We can offer the following services

  • Project Management
  • Design and Technical service
  • LED Product Development
  • Installation Service

Contact us today to achieve the best led lighting solution for your project.