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A great finish to any LED setup will be one of Display Lighting’s aluminium LED strip light profiles. Also known as aluminium extrusions or channels, these aluminium LED strip light profiles can help to not only protect the LED strip light but to present them in a sleek and sophisticated way.

Aluminium LED Strip Light Profile

Tip: Using a deeper profile will reduce the appearance of spotting when using low wattage tapes.

At Display Lighting, we offer three types of aluminium LED strip light profiles. Take a closer look for more details on our LED aluminium profiles, or talk to our friendly and professional lighting designers to help you choose the right LED strip light aluminium profile. The standard aluminium LED strip light profile comes in a 2m length but can be cut to the desired length.

Recessed LED Strip Profiles – you can tuck away your LED light strips between floorboards or panelling with a recessed profile. A popular use for recessed LED strip light aluminium profile is for ceiling lighting as its subtle and streamlined finish gives more of a natural and built-in light source. Recessed LED strip aluminium profiles are also commonly used for cabinet, shelf, and task lighting.

Aluminium Extrusion

Surface Mounted LED Strip Profiles – simply feed the LED light strips through these surface mounted LED strip light aluminium profiles and install them around your home or office. The surface-mounted LED strip aluminium profiles can protect the LED strips lights and hide away any loose wires that you don’t see. We have flat, angeled, and curved surface mounted LED strip aluminium profiles that are suitable for flat surfaces, lining the corners, or tucking-in along the baseboard. There are endless possibilities for you to choose, and if you are unsure which one would suit your room, then get in touch with us as we are experienced lighting designers.

Suspended LED Strip Profiles – use these suspended LED strip light aluminium profiles if you want to hang your lights from the ceiling, archway, or over a table to add a modern style to your kitchen. Hanging LED lights will add an attention-grabbing highlight to any room, and it’s perfect for lighting up a pool table or a luxurious restaurant. It is certainly a trendy fixture to add to your interior decoration.

Key Benefits of Display Lighting Aluminium LED Strip Light Profiles:

  • Anodised Aluminium Profiles – all our aluminium LED strip light profiles are made from high-grade aluminium. It is essential to us that our customers use aluminium profiles that are resistant to corrosion and rust so that they can stand the test of time and basic wear and tear, and the aluminium profiles remain looking great for a long time. The use of an LED Aluminium Profile aids in the installation of LED Strip and also further increases the strips light life as aluminium provides additional heat sinking.
  • High-Quality Light Diffusers – all our aluminium LED strip light profiles come with complimentary diffusers that slide over or clip into the profiles to hide the inner workings of the LED strip setup. The diffusers help to diffuse the light and can prevent spotting and also protect the surface. The diffusers are made from polycarbonate plastic and are available in opal (milky) or clear. The type of diffuser you choose for your LED aluminium profile can affect how the light appears. The opal diffusers have a warm ambient finish, and the clear, transparent diffusers have a more striking brightening effect.
  • Shaped LED Profiles – we offer standard flat, straight and rounded aluminium LED strip light profiles for our customers. If you have any shapes or style in mind, make sure you check out our LED aluminium profiles below. Or if you are looking for inspiration, you can get in touch with us and we’ll help you find a LED profile that fits your lighting needs.
  • Colour selection – the aluminium LED strip light profiles come in anodized silver as standard and they can be powder coated to your specific colour on request. Our most popular colour is matt black which creates a sleek architectural look for commercial and industrial fit-outs. View our projects page to see how coloured profile can transform your space.