LED Light Bars NZ

Attract more customers to your fresh food displays with Display Lighting Ecofresh LED Light Bar, specially designed for refrigerated and fresh food display cabinets.

A LED Ecofresh Bar consists of a set of LEDs housed in a single long lamp. Display Lighting’s LED Ecofresh Bars are tailored lighting solutions designed to illuminate food displays to bring out the best visual appearance of the display while protecting the food from harmful Infrared and UV light.

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Energy saving and easy upgrade.

Display Lighting is a provider of LED light bars NZ and allows fresh food retailers to upgrade from regular LEDs and fluorescent tubes to our Ecofresh Bars using existing power sources. Our Ecofresh Bars can be easily installed without any additional labour cost and without using direct current, which can be a risk in commercial refrigerators. Our LED light bars can create up to an 80% saving of energy and the Ecofresh Bars maintain their efficiency for longer than alternative lighting

Our Ecofresh Bars presents fresh, bright, natural and saturated colours to enhance the colour presentation of food. They are best used in fresh food departments to showcase your products with amazing natural colours and protect them from oxidation caused by harmful radiation.

Extends shelf time by using food-specific Ecofresh Bars.

The Ecofresh Bars are designed to protect fresh food from the effects of photo-oxidation and lipid oxidation caused by using ordinary refrigerator lighting or fluorescent lighting in the fresh food displays. The Ecofresh Bars can reduce the damage to fresh food, save energy and reduce the overall temperature inside the display cabinet.

The Ecofresh Bar is the best LED light bar for grocery stores and food departments where exceptional colour presentation is critical.

Full range of stock and sizes.

We have the fullest range of LED light bars NZ. Our Ecofresh Bars come in different sizes to suit your measurement. All of our Dairy, Produce, Deli, Bakery and Meat led light bars to have sizes ranging from 260mm, 560mm, 860mm, 1160mm, 1460mm. All Ecofresh Bars are designed to work in -40°C and up to 50°C.

Enhance the colour saturation of
your food display.

Display Lighting provides the best LED light bars to customers who operate restaurants & bars, cafes, supermarkets, bakeries, and butcher shops. We have the best LED light bars NZ with a wide range of colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K to best suit your display. The 6500K Ecofresh Bars are ideal for dairy display cabinets as they mimic natural daylight and give an extra bright atmosphere.

The 4000K LED light bars are good for displaying produce in grocery stores as they give a cool white light and are similar to ceiling lights in the stores. The 3000K Ecofresh Bars are great for displaying deli products because they keep a consistent lighting effect throughout the space. The 2700K LED lights bars produce a warm, vintage-style beam which is perfect for bakeries and cafes. At Display Lighting, we also offer a custom pink light bar that is suitable for displaying meat in butcheries to highlight the freshness of the meat.