Our LED Light Bars in NZ

Attract more customers to your fresh food displays with Display Lighting’s EcoFresh LED Light Bars, specially designed for refrigerated and fresh food display cabinets.

An LED EcoFresh Bar involves a set of LEDs housed in a single, long lamp case. These tailored lighting solutions are designed to illuminate your food and beverage displays, bringing out the best in their visual appeal while protecting the food from harmful Infrared and UV light. They will help whet your customers’ appetites while keeping your products safe.

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Save energy with an easy upgrade to LED Light Bars in NZ

Display Lighting is a provider of LED lighting solutions in NZ. Our EcoFreshBars represent an excellent upgrade from regular LEDs or old fluorescent tubes while making use of your existing power sources.

That means that you can easily install our EcoFresh Bars without additional labour costs and without using direct current, which can be a risk in commercial refrigerators. These LED Light Bars offer as much as 80% energy savings and maintain their efficiency for much longer than their old-fashioned counterparts.

Our EcoFresh Bars illuminate your food with fresh, bright, natural and saturated colours. They’ll transform your products’ presentation and make them look more appealing than ever. EcoFresh Bars are best used in fresh food departments to highlight your food’s amazing natural colours and protect them from the oxidation caused by harmful radiation

Ecofresh LED Light Bars

Extend Shelf Time By Using Food-Specific EcoFresh LED Light Bars in NZ

EcoFresh bars are designed to protect fresh food from the effects of photo-oxidation and lipid oxidation that ordinary refrigerator or fluorescent lighting can cause in fresh food displays. They’ll help reduce the damage to your perishable food products, reduce your energy costs and lower the overall temperature in the display cabinet.

They are the best LED light bar solutions for grocery stores and food departments where exceptional colour presentation is critical.
The Ecofresh Bar is the best LED light bar for grocery stores and food departments where exceptional colour presentation is critical.

Full Range of Stock and Sizes

We have one of the largest ranges of LED light bars in New Zealand. Our EcoFresh Bars come in a wide variety of sizes to suit your specific needs and departments.

All our Dairy, Produce, Deli, Bakery and Meat led EcoFresh bars are designed to work in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C, and come in sizes including:

Enhance The Colour Saturation of your Food Display with LED Light Bars in NZ

If you run a restaurant, bar, cafe, supermarket, bakery or butcher shops, you need our EcoFresh Bars. With colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, we have one of the best collections of LED light bars in NZ to suit nearly any food display.

The 6500K Ecofresh Bars are ideal for dairy display cabinets as they mimic natural daylight and give an extra bright atmosphere to your products.

Our 4000K LED bars are great for displaying produce in grocery stores as their cool, white light is similar to the ceiling lights already in store.

The 3000K EcoFresh Bars are the right choice for displaying deli products as they create a consistent lighting effect throughout your cabinet space.

If you run a bakery or cafe, the warm, vintage-style radiance of our 2700K LED light bars is perfect for your store.

We also offer a custom pink light bar that’s exceptional for highlighting the freshness of meat in butcheries.

Interested in our EcoFresh bars or other LED lighting solutions? Get in touch with the Display Lighting team at (09) 427 5310 for any enquiries or to arrange a consultation with one of our lighting specialists. We’ll help brighten up your space.