LED Neon Flex

Display Lighting’s Ignite 24V Neon Flex with smooth domed profile allows for various monochromatic lighting solutions and produces superior homogenized illumination along its full length. Built-in protection circuit design which allows for single LED failure resulting in constant continued lighting of the whole unit.

Neon Flex Ignite 24V is UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS complaint. Moreover, it has passed environmental resistance, optical, mechanical and electrical test in a lab under the support of advanced equipment and technology to ensure it meets the requirements of harsh environments. Fully encapsulated in the flexible PVC or Silicone chamber by utilizing consummate extrusion
technology, assembled with multiple patented connectors achieves IP68 protection.  Easy to install and applicable for various circumstances.

Neon Flex Ignite Single colour features a large beam angle of 160 degrees, bright and uniform illumination, and ultra flexibility with small bend diameter for curved design applications.

Neon Flex Ignite RGB features a large view angle of 270 degrees, complete with smooth color changing, high brightness and also ultra flexibility and pliability with small bending diameter for curved design applications.


1. Outdoor or Indoor Contour/Border Lighting
2. Architectural Outline/Decorative Lighting
3. Cove/Accent Lighting
4. Facade/Floor Lighting
5. Signage/Stage Lighting


Product Features:

1. High quality and high brightness SMD LED chip/tri-chip RGB LED
2. Protection Circuit: Each LED protected.
2. Variety of monochromatic lights for options including white light.
4. UV & flame resistant construction (PVC).
5. Domed profile for large beam angle (160 degrees Single colour) (270 degrees RGB)
6. High colour consistency & smooth illumination with no light dots.
7. Flexible with 120mm minimum bending diameter.
8. Easy installation and assembly with DIY accessories for joining and terminating.
9. High IP rating (IP68).
10. Continuous length up to 10m by powering one end.
11. Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.
12. Automated production, high reliability & long warranty.
13. Dimmable or DMX 512, DALI, 1-10V controllable, RGB color changing.