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Display Lighting’s LED Neon Flex lighting is considered to be a more flexible alternative to glass tube neon lights. Our Smart Neon Flex has plastic coverings around the LED bulbs to allow the tape to be bent into shapes and letters, and to be moulded around curved surfaces. Display Lighting is the leading supplier of LED Neon Flex NZ. To help you decide if these unique neon flex LED light fixtures are suited for you, below are some eye-catching features you need to know about our Smart Neon Flex lighting.

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Waterproof Smart Neon Flex LEDs – the IP68 rating of our LED neon flex means that it is suitable for unsealed outdoor locations, places that have a lot of debris, areas with heavy foot traffic, high splash areas, high contact areas (people touching them), and wet locations. Additionally, IP68 means that the neon flex light can without being permanently submerged in water up to 3 meters. This is great news if you were planning to use the Smart Neon Flex in outdoor areas or areas at risk of dampness and possible water contact.

Colourful Smart Neon Flex LEDs – you would want your neon flex light to stand out. Our Smart Neon Flex lighting comes in different colours including white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and rainbow. The varying colour temperatures can make your LED decorations look even better. If you are looking for something even brighter, you can check out our Neon Flex Ignite RGB which is designed for interior or exterior use where high lumen output and a wider beam angled of colour changing light is required. e.g. Signage, Building profiles, Landscaping, and entertainment.

Led Neon Flex New Zealand

Spotless Smart Neon Flex LEDs – we ensure that our Smart Neon Flex LEDs produce a spotless effect, which means that there is no spotting and you see a seamless run of light rather than seeing the light from the individual bulbs. This effect is achieved through high-quality bulbs positioned in a way where gaps are not seen.

Neon Flex Ignite Single colour features a large beam angle of 160 degrees, bright and uniform illumination, and ultra flexibility with small bend diameter for curved design applications.

Neon Flex Ignite RGB features a large view angle of 270 degrees, complete with smooth colour changing, high brightness and also ultra flexibility and pliability with small bending diameter for curved design applications.


Display Lighting’s Ignite Neon Flex 24V with smooth domed profile allows for various monochromatic lighting solutions and produces superior homogenized illumination along its full length. Built-in protection circuit design which allows for a single LED failure resulting in constant continued lighting of the whole unit. Neon Flex Ignite 24V is UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant. Moreover, Neon Flex 24V has passed environmental resistance, optical, mechanical and electrical tests in a lab under the support of advanced equipment and technology to ensure it meets the requirements of harsh environments. Our Neon Flex 24V is fully encapsulated in the flexible PVC or Silicone chamber by utilizing consummate extrusion technology and is assembled with multiple patented connectors achieving IP68 protection. The Neon Flex 24V is easy to install and applicable for various circumstances.

LED Neon Flex Signs give an iconic look and are a popular fixture for businesses, restaurants, cafes and bars looking to stand out on the high street. LED Neon Flex signs are used for their brightness, eye-catching nature and often for its variety of colourful options. The bendable nature of these smart neon flex means you can form a variety of shapes and lettering. Now, it is possible to get a more modern, LED alternative to the older neon style. Contact us today to discuss how you can create your very own LED Neon Flex signs with the colour and the length you want.