Lighting is extremely important in workspaces.

Commercial lighting not only makes a space look better, but it also enhances safety by improving visibility and productivity by creating a safer, more comfortable environment.

As we continue to discover newer and better ways to use lights, new trends have emerged as the best ways to improve your NZ space with quality lights.

The Rise Of LED Technology

If you visit any modern commercial space in New Zealand, you’ll most likely see plenty of quality LEDs lighting up the area for the staff and guests.

LEDs have taken the world by storm, and it’s no wonder why they’re so popular once you think about their many benefits:

Commercial lighting

  • Energy Efficiency. LEDs are well known for being incredibly energy efficient. This efficiency is great for reducing your impact on the world, and it can result in lower monthly electricity bills. 
  • Longevity. LEDs have a much longer lifespan when compared to the conventional lighting solutions of the past. High-quality bulbs can last for years, meaning you don’t need to stress about replacing yours anytime soon. Additionally, they’re very durable and resistant to damage. This makes them perfect for busy spaces that need reliable commercial lighting solutions. 
  • Environmental Benefits. Along with being wonderfully efficient, LEDs don’t contain toxic materials like mercury. Their non-toxic components make them easier to dispose of.

Top Trends In Commercial Lighting Design For 2024 NZ Spaces

Using LEDs is a smart strategy in itself, and LEDs will most likely continue to be the best lighting option for many years. So, when considering any of the trends listed below, make sure you choose high-quality, well-designed LED products to execute your designs. Quality LEDs will last longer, have a smaller chance of having issues and will be better equipped to suit you well. Remember that because they last so long, they’re an investment that can benefit you and your business for many years.

What are a few trends that you should know about for your own NZ commercial space?

Human-Centric Lighting. Human-centric lighting, also known as HCL, is a trend that focuses on the impact of lights on a human’s well-being. Light is all around us most of the time, whether artificial or natural, and it can affect our mood, focus and health. 

Human-centric lighting is a practice that aims to mimic natural light patterns to support circadian rhythms, improve mood and enhance productivity. Enhancing productivity, focus and mood are particular benefits to aim for in workspaces, because this can improve your working environment for your hardworking team. Who can focus if the office is too dim to see anything in, or if the lights are so bright they’re giving you a headache?

LED tech is particularly suited for HCL in commercial lighting designs because it’s flexible in colour temperature and intensity control.

Smart Lighting Systems. The integration of smart technology in commercial spaces is revolutionising how workspaces are illuminated. Smart lighting systems allow for automated control, energy monitoring and convenient customisation through sensors and wireless connectivity. These systems can adjust lighting based on occupancy, daylight availability and user preferences, ensuring optimal lighting conditions while minimising energy waste.

Tunable White Lighting. Tunable white lighting enables users to adjust the colour temperature of the lights according to different needs and times of the day. For example, cooler white light can be used during morning hours to promote alertness and focus, while warmer light can be used in the evening to create a relaxing atmosphere. This versatility makes tunable white lighting an excellent choice for commercial spaces where the lighting needs may vary throughout the day.

If this is something you choose for your NZ commercial lighting, take the time to test out all the settings for your new lights. Discuss the different options with your team to consider what works best for everyone so you can find the ideal settings that satisfies every one of your team members. 

Accent And Task Lighting. In modern office design, accent and task lighting play a role in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Accent lighting is used to highlight room features, artwork or branding elements, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the workspace. Task lighting, on the other hand, provides lighting for specific activities, such as writing or computer work. 

Lighting As A Statement Piece. Once you have practical and functional aspects of your lighting design out of the way, don’t be afraid to use beautiful LED lights as a statement piece. Products like LED rope lights and strip lights are particularly great for creating beautiful displays that transform your space from a standard workplace into a unique, vibrant place of business.

Making Your Space Better With Stunning LEDs

Are you interested in incorporating human-centric design elements into your commercial lighting? How about adding beauty and creativity to your business with a gorgeous display of LEDs? Regardless of what you need, we at Display Lighting would love to help you. We have plenty of quality LED products for sale, and our experts are here to discuss your professional lighting design options with you.

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