Lighting is essential for interior design, whether lighting up a home or making a commercial space more appealing to customers.

For comfortable NZ homes, lighting can help amp up a fun party or set a relaxing mood for some cosy alone time.

While there are heaps of different options you can choose for your home lighting project, few choices are as versatile and easy-to-implement as LED strip lighting.

LED strip lights are flexible strips with multiple LEDs mounted along the length of the strip. These strips are easy to handle, even for those who don’t have much experience with LEDs, and can be cut to fit the length you need.

This makes them a popular choice for various settings all over New Zealand and the world.

LED Strip Lighting

Why Choose LED Strip Lighting?

Before you choose strip lights, it’s important to understand why you should choose them:

  • Ease Of Use. As mentioned, LED strip lights are remarkably simple to handle. Still, if you do choose to install your lights yourself, please follow directions and stay safe. 
  • Longevity. LEDs are renowned for their exceptional lifespan, lasting far longer than standard lights. These lights can often last up to 50,000 hours, that’s around 2,083 days – nearly six years! This longevity makes them an investment that can benefit you for quite a long time, especially if you take care to turn your lights off when you don’t need them and to maintain them well. LEDs typically don’t require much maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency. As we become more aware of our impact on the world, energy efficiency has become something the vast majority of us care about. Fortunately, LEDs are extremely energy efficient, and LED strip lights are a fantastic option choice if you want a beautiful home without wasting heaps of energy. This efficiency can also translate to lower utility bills.

Creative And Unique Ways To Use LED Strip Lights In Your Home

So, you know these lights are incredibly versatile, easy to use and a great choice, but how do you use them? Because there are so many ways you can use these – far too many to list in this article – it’s a good idea to go online and look at different examples of what others have done.

To get you started, here are a handful of brilliant ways people have utilised these convenient and effective lights:

Clever Accent Lighting. One of the most popular uses of LED strip lighting is accentuating architectural features, decorative elements or other parts of your space that you’d like to draw attention to. 

For instance, you can use strip lighting to line your ceiling, accent the sides of your door frames, run alongside your floors and so on. While this won’t add much practical lighting to your space, it will add a cool, almost futuristic flair to your home. If you’re searching for a way to make your space more uniquely ‘you,’ LED strip lights could be the answer. 

Monitor Backlighting. Many of us use monitors quite a lot throughout our daily lives. You could be relaxing after a long day out by watching television, or you could be taking care of work while at your home computer. LED strip lights can be applied to the back of your monitor to add a mesmerising backlight effect, making your space a bit more personalised.

A comfortable home environment is important, no matter if you’re relaxing or working. 

Lighting For Displays. Do you collect anything that you’re proud of? Collecting objects is something that many of us enjoy doing simply for the fun of it. Some of us collect specific items like jewellery or pop culture collectibles, and others like to gather various things that make them happy. Of course, a fun thing to do with these items is display them on shelves so that they can be admired. 

On a crowded shelf, LED strip lights are the perfect way to add something extra special to your prized possessions. Lighting can also make it easier to see, and relish, each of your pieces. 

Staircase Lighting. This lighting method can actually improve safety and aesthetics at the same time, making it a great choice for those who love blending function and looks. LED strip lights can be installed alongside staircases to illuminate each step, making them easier to see and, thus, more difficult to trip on. If you choose this option, please test your setup to ensure the lights themselves aren’t a tripping hazard. 

Light Up Your World With LED Strip Lights

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your own home, safe and sound in an environment that makes you happy – why not make that environment better with innovative lighting? With an array of LED products in our online store, you’ll surely find what you need with Display Lighting.

We can also assist you with lighting design if you’re looking for a professional’s input for your situation. To get in touch, call us on (09) 427 5310

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