LED Strip Light NZ

LED strip lights are a new and flexible type of lighting.

LED strip lights have become very popular with many architects and home designers for commercial and residential renovation projects due to their efficiency, colour options and brightness. You probably don’t even need a specialist to design and mount these LED strip lights at your home.

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Kitchen & Under Cabinet LED Strip Lighting NZ

LED strip lights consist of many little LED emitters mounted on a flexible circuit board and usually have an adhesive backing. LED strip lights are designed for easy home DIY as the strip can be divided between LEDS and is flexible to go around corners and odd edges. You can easily peel off the liner of the pre-applied double-sided adhesive and stick the LED strip lights to any flat, curved or uneven surfaces. LED strip lights are often used as kitchen lighting to create a soft ambient or as a closet or cabinet lighting to add a modern finish. Depending on whether the LED strip lights are water resistance or not, it can be used in outdoor and interior decoration. A good quality LED strip lights should operate on 12 or 24 volts of direct current from a power supply. LED strip lights most commonly have a 120° beam angle, directed up. This means that the light beams perpendicular to the mounting surface.

commercial lighting

The brightness of the LED strip light, measured in lumens, is dependent on the number of LEDs per meter and the power they use per meter. A higher density strip means higher quality, brighter light. Lumen is a similar measurement term to watts for incandescent lighting. You can check the lumen output to determine which LED strip lights you want. The colour temperature of LED light strips affects what the light looks like. Display Lighting offers strips in 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. A 3000K LED strip light colour is called warm white and has an orange or yellowish colour which is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas to create a cosy atmosphere. A 4000K LED strip light colour is called neutral or natural white as it is very similar to natural light. You can use a 4000K strip light for under cabinet lighting. A 6000K LED strip light colour is called cool white and has a contemporary, modern style. Cool white is commonly used as kitchen strip lights or in bathrooms and workspaces as task lighting.

Display Lighting is a leading distributor of LED strip lights in NZ. We offer a full range of fixed and varied colour and brightness LED strip lights. Our LED light strip has the following design features:

  • Our strip design allows for increases in current. This preserves the life of the LED and ensures minimal brightness loss and a longer lifetime.
  • Genuine Top-Tier Epistar/Cree/Samsung/Philips Luxeon LED chips. There are significant differences even between chips of the same chip company.
  • High standard 3M tape that is guaranteed to stick the way it should.
  • Premium solder to ensure the LED’s remain in place and provide better heat dissipation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy DIY with adhesive backing tape and cutting points.