Which Things You Need to Know Before Buying LED Light Bars

Investing in LED light bars to improve the experience and functionality of your business is a smart decision, but one that also requires a small amount of research. Asking questions such as, what is the purpose of the installation, what are the costs associated, and how much will they cost me to run, are all ways to ensure your LED light bars are best suited to your specific needs.

We have saved you time and energy by outlining the top 4 things you need to know before buying LED light bars for your business and what they mean for you:

1. What Purpose You Need Them For

The first question you need to ask yourself before investing in LED light bars is ‘what function are they going to serve?’ Answering this will help you decide on the suitable temperature in which they will run, the correct light intensity and the appropriate size that will most benefit your purpose. Understanding the specifics of your space will also allow you to correctly install and mount your LED light bars so that they are securely fastened and robust.
If you are installing LED light bars in your store or warehouse, there are specific varieties available that will benefit their exact purpose, for example:
If you are installing LED light bars to extend the shelf life of your products, the key to achieving this is by using blue light LED. Being both antimicrobial and antibacterial, blue light LED will not only keep your food fresh but will provide you with a chemical-free solution for the preservation of your food. We would recommend using blue light LED light bars over products such as fresh fruit, fish and meat, as these are the most susceptible to airborne bugs, bacteria and pathogens. Blue light LED bars will also slow the natural degradation of your food and serve as an effective alternative to nasty chemical sprays and other costly climate control methods.
If you are interested in installing LED light bars to enhance the display and colour of your products, we would recommend looking at the varying colours available to best suit the purpose of your business. Opting for cool white lights are the best for fresh produce in grocery stores, as they prevent photo-oxidation as well as enhancing the vibrant colours and shapes of your produce. On the other hand, a warmer, vintage style yellow beam is ideal for bakery items, providing a lower and more gentle light, ideal for presenting your bread and pastries effectively. For butcheries and meat displays, a pink LED light bar is recommended, this will amplify and complement the red and pink hues of your products.

2. How Long They Will Last

Knowing the average lifespan of LED light bars is important for you, as it will provide you with a timeline for your investment and will help you in deciding on a quality that will best suit your needs. Generally speaking, the average LED light bar will last you anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, so if you are running lights for 10 hours per day, they will give you just over 10 years of use!
Installing a high quality LED lighting system is a wise investment for your business as the lights will last longer than cheaper alternatives and are designed to operate in a variety of extreme environments, including fridges and freezers.
High quality LED light bars will also provide you with over 50,000 hours of use. If you are running a business that requires lighting for food safety purposes, a higher quality option is the best way to go, not only will they have superior fixtures and components but they will also provide you with over 50,000 hours of use – a solution guaranteed to last.

3. How Much Power They Use

LED light bars use about one-fifth of the power of a regular light bulb system, which means they will start saving you money for the day they are installed. A 22 watt LED light bulb will provide you with 100 watts of light, making them five times more efficient than your standard lighting solution, and will save you up to 80% on your power bill.
Upgrading your current lighting system to an LED light bar will give you greater control over the variety of functions your lighting performs, and will provide you with a low cost, high power solution for your business.

4. How Customisable They Are

LED light bars are fully customisable in their appearance and application. Regardless of your spatial dimensions, LED light bars can be custom fit to serve your purpose safely and effectively. With a range of sizes from 260mm, 560mm, 860mm, 1160mm and 1460mm, no area is too big or small. LED light bars provide superior versatility and flexibility within the space they are installed and are proven to influence the taste, shelf life and colouration of your food, making their installation an asset to your shop or business.

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